About the index

On a daily basis we interact with numerous parts of numerous organisations’ web presenses. On a daily basis we see numerous examples of poorly implemented and maintained web sites – as well as some good examples.

There are a number of awards handed out to Swedish web sites each year – including Web Service Award, Sveriges 100 bästa sajter, Svenska Webb-Priset, Svenska Designpriset. Many (but not all) of these awards are self-nominated prizes and many put a great deal of weight on the visual design of the website. The winner(s) are, to a varying extent, decided by a jury.

These awards have their place, but what I believe is missing is a standard, comparable, index of websites based on a range of points from the reasonably technical to some basic usability. This produces a score that gives an indication of how well a website is managed, how well it complies with various standards and recommendations, and how good it is to use.

The Beantin Index rates websites according to a pre-determined set of questions, currently version 1.0. The Index will be updated over time to take into account changes in standards and recommendations – the version of the Index used to test a site is visible on the review page.

A high rating on The Beantin Index does not necessarily mean a website is meeting the goals of the company or organisation behind it, but it does mean that the building blocks of an excellent website and user experience have been well and truly laid.

, Aug 2011.