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netonnet.se February 2013

NetOnNet is a e-commerce company established in 1999 and operating in Sweden and Norway. Their original business idea was to, quite simply, sell home electronics cheaper than “regular stores” and “without hassle”. They have a turnover of 2.3 billion SEK (2010) making them one of the larger Swedish retailers in their sector. In January 2013 they were chosen as winners of the Web Service Award 2012 within the e-commerce category.

Rating breakdown

NetOnNet managed to score over 7. This puts NetOnNet amongst the highest rated on the Beantin Index. A score of over 7 indicates that a website is, in general, pretty good.

The site achieved pretty high scores in all categories with the exception of Accessibility where a fair few points were dropped.

A fair few points were also dropped in the web tech category. In fact, I was surprised that the site received a “green tick” from Google Page Speed given the number of down-markings that had already been noted.

Web performance optimisation

A random selection of images showed that images on the site could be optimised by between 8% and 34%. The background image on the site at the time of testing could be shrunk by 20% without affecting quality.

The site also fails to make use of a separate domain for serving images. This also has quite a performance impact. A product page contains around 66 images. Each of these requests will have all the website’s cookies bundled with it. There are 12 cookies in total… making about 30KB a visitor has to upload for each product viewed, spread across the 66 image requests.

Rich Snippets

NetOnNet could lift their appearance in Google’s search result pages by implementing Rich Snippets for their products. Semantically marking-up their product should be reasonably straight forward (as all the data needed already exists on the page).

Another area that they could tweak to help improve their SERPs is by adjusting their breadcrumbs. At the moment Google isn’t picking up on their breadcrumb trail and using it. Adjust the way in which it’s implemented would almost certainly rectify that.

Spider chart showing the breakdown of the rating

Spider graph showing the breakdown of NetOnNet's rating

As mentioned earlier, the site scored quite poorly for accessibility. I suspect people using a keyboard and/or a screen reader would have considerable trouble buying something using the desktop site. One of the problems is that the “checkout” button is an image with the URL of the image as the alt text.

A score of over 7 with this version of the Beantin Index is something to be congratulated, but there are numerous optimisation opportunities for NetOnNet. Many of these should have a direct impact on conversion, generating NetOnNet even more happy customers and perhaps lifting them to the top slot on the Beantin Index.

Rated using Beantin Index V1.0.

NetOnNet, reviewed by James on 2013-02-25T11:25:28+00:00 rating 7.1 out of 10
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