Website of leading Swedish university, Lunds universitet.

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lu.se January 2013

Lund university is a leading Swedish university founded over 350 years ago. The new Drupal-based website was launched in October 2012 after a 3-year project costing 15 million Swedish kronor. It replaced the previous site built that was built 2003.

Rating breakdown

The score of 6.9 is good and places the university at the top of the pack of “good” sites on the Beantin Index, but it just fails to reach the dizzy hights of the outstanding few who have scored over 7.

Surprisingly, given that Funka Nu have been working with Lund University for some time, the score for accessibility was really very low with just 36%. This in part reflects the harshness of the Beantin Index, and perhaps that not everyone agrees about what is right and wrong.

Given the time and cost of this project, there are a number of basic misses that I’m suprised to have seen. Here’s a selection:

  • No use of CSS sprites
  • Content caching missing for static resources
  • Basic meta data missing from pages (no meta description for example)
  • No webfeed/RSS
  • No version for smaller screened devices/mobiles


That said, the site scored high for usability and clearly much thought has been put into the information architecture and navigation.

The navigation trail is present on all pages and implemented in a good way so that the site benefits from breadcrumbs in Google search results.

The use of colour and contrast on the site though is at times poor. An example is how the same styling is used for links as is used in other places (even on the same page) for standard text.

Sliding Banners

The website features at least 5 sliding banner carousels. One on the home page and then one on each category section. Although this hasn’t cost them any points – infact, they gained points due to the ability to stop the rotating – their overall effectiveness is questionable.

Spider chart showing the breakdown of the rating

Spider graph showing the breakdown of Lund university's rating

One task that evidentally remains for Lunds universitet is to tidy up the old pages that are still online and indexed in search engines. Some pages from the old site have been redirected, but by and large all of the old website is still online and often competes with the new site in search engine results.

An example of this is the old “skolsamverkan” page and the new “skolsamverkan” page. Both are online and indexed potentially leading to the wrong information being found and read.

As with most sites indexed on the Beantin Index, a much higher score could be obtained with a few relatively minor technical changes and content updates.

Rated using Beantin Index V1.0.

Lunds universitet, reviewed by James on 2013-01-16T15:07:14+00:00 rating 6.9 out of 10
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