Welcome to the Beantin Index, Swedish websites graded and ranked! After a number of months of planning and preparation (as a side-project) The Index has, at last, seen the light of day. I hope you find it both interesting and useful.

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The idea for The Beantin Index came about as I felt that there was something missing – There are a fair few web awards, but many of those are design focused, self-nominated and jury decided. There are also a fair few services for auditing and checking your website, but usually those results are kept for the client’s eyes only.

A Comparable index

I wanted a standard, comparable, index of websites based on a range of points from quite technical to basic usability. A score that would give an indication of how well a website is managed, how well it complies with various standards and recommendations, and how good it is to use.


The rating method used is at the beginning of it’s life. I’ve gathered together many points that are then combined to form the score – with some points being weighted slightly more than others. I’ve then also grouped the questions into six categories – Web tech, SEO, accessibility, usability, content, and branding.

What questions to include, and what weighting to give them, was quite a challenge. Even during the time it’s taken to set up The Beantin Index, new standards and recommendations have appeared, some old ones have become less relevant or their use questioned.

It is my intention that the method used to calculate the rating will be update and adjusted over time, with the specific version used to test a site visible on the review page.

Read More about the Beantin Index.


What do you think? I’d really like to hear your opinions and comments. How do the rating look so far? Do you have any suggestions of points that should be included? Sites that should be indexed?

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