Website of Swedish postal service Posten.

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posten.se April 2012

Posten merged with Post Danmark in 2009 and became Postnord (formally Posten Norden). As part of Postnord, Posten provides communication and logistics solutions to, from, and within the Nordic region. In Sweden Posten also provides what traditional postal services such as postage, collection and delivery. Their website received a complete redesign and change of CMS in mid April 2012.

Rating breakdown

Posten’s new website has generated the most peculiar rating to date on The Index. For a website of such a large organisation, launched in 2012, with a new design on a new platform, 5.6 is a very poor score. In fact, it would have received a much lower score it it hadn’t received a green tick from Google Page Speed.

It’s a dichotomy of forward innovation and backward steps, with the steps backwards winning. This was the first site tested where the previous version included standard technical features such as robots.txt and xml sitemaps but were missing from the new version.

Neither have I seen a site that has included accessibility features such as jump to navigation and keyboard shortcuts – that simply fail to work! Posten scored points briefly for a number of features, then instantly lost them as the feature was broken.

Posten has also become the first site on the Beantin Index to record a score of zero within a category. It received no points at all for SEO/SMO.

Spider chart showing the breakdown of the rating

Spider graph showing the breakdown of Posten's rating

As is often the case with relaunched websites, many old pages aren’t redirected making search engine result pages quite a mess. The poor implementation of basic SEO on the new site doesn’t help. Neither does the fact that hundreds of pages from the old site are still up and running via posten.com.

I’d normally like to highlight some positives, even on poorly rated sites, but Posten.se manages to under deliver across the board, with technical problems, accessibility issues, SEO and content shortcomings. It’s a surprising result and hopefully they will move quickly to correct and improve the site. Perhaps re-rating in the near future can show a significant improvement.

Rated using Beantin Index V1.0.

Posten, reviewed by James on 2012-04-20T14:53:11+00:00 rating 5.6 out of 10
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