The Website of Swedish Police Service, Polisen.

Screenshot of Polisen's web site

polisen.se January 2012

Polisen’s website provides news about incidents, information about the services provided – including how to contact the police to report a crime. It also offers support information for victims of crime. It The website underwent a major redesign March 2009, and has been nominated for a Web Service Award in 2010 and 2011.

Rating breakdown

The Police Service website did especially well within usability, content and branding. The weakest categories were SEO and accessibility.

Spider chart showing the breakdown of the rating

Spider graph showing the breakdown of Polisen's rating

Interestingly, Polisen scored points on questions where very few other sites on The Index have – you would expect that this would lead to an outstanding rating, but Polisen dropped points due to some surprising misses.

There were also a number of technical misses that contributed to a low Google Page Speed score (37/100) – one such issue was that Gzip compression has not been enabled. This is a simple thing to fix and gives instant benefits through faster load times and reduced bandwidth consumption.

Rated using Beantin Index V1.0.

Polisen, reviewed by James on 2012-01-25T10:22:50+00:00 rating 6.7 out of 10
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