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creuna.se October 2012

Creuna is a Nordic digital agency with over 300 employees across four Nordic countries. Their Swedish website, promotes their services, shows customer cases, gives contact details and shares content in the form of a news and blog posts. The four country sites were redesigned and relaunched in October 2012.

Rating breakdown

A score in the high sixes is a good score putting Creuna in the top 5 at the time it was reviewed. Creuna are in a good position to build on this site and push their score easily over 7.

In one section in particular, accessibility, the site scored poorly with just 27%.


Just like Avantime, that was rated a few weeks ago, the site is responsive and adjusts it’s layout when viewed with a various browser viewport sizes. Pages of different types rearrange quite nicely when moving from a narrow browser (mobile) to medium and then to large.

This was the first responsive website tested on The Beantin Index that hadn’t disabled pinch-zooming, meaning that you could still zoom in (and thereby increase text size further) when viewing on a mobile device. Many responsive implementations (lazily) disable this functionallity and in doing so reduce both usability and accessibility.

On the down side, the site was often sluggish and unresponsive when tested on smaller screened devices. One of the reasons for this was the dynamic map of offices shown in the page footer.

The map is “smart” and is only loaded when you scroll down to the footer. This is sensible and effective when viewing the page on a large screened, well connected machine. On a small-screened device The map isn’t shown at all, instead the responsive design changes the footer to be just links to Google Maps.

Unfortunately the page still loads and processes the map when scrolling on small-screened devices, firing off 15 unneeded requests and loading about 70Kb of resources and making the page sluggish.

Fast yet slow

The site is fast, with the initial request and response taking very little time at all. Processing the page though takes seconds. 4-5 seconds (uncached) during testing, speeding up to 2-3 seconds when cached.

The time taken is due to the amount of work the browser has to do to finish getting the page ready. A tip here would be to at the very least add image dimensions to save the browser some work.

Spider chart showing the breakdown of the rating

Spider graph showing the breakdown of Creuna's rating

Creuna’s new website ticked lots of boxes for a well built website – such as GZIP compression, content-caching, a high score from Google Page Speed, clear links, titles. Points were lost in some cases by the smallest of margins, such as too long line lengths. (It was approved in all but one of the responsive break-points).

The opportunity is there for more points via reasonably simple things such as serving images from a cookieless domain/CDN and adding a privacy policy/cookie disclaimer or opt-in.

Rated using Beantin Index V1.0.

Creuna, reviewed by James on 2012-10-30T12:03:13+00:00 rating 6.8 out of 10
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