Greater Stockholm university Södertorns högskola.

Screenshot of Södertorns högskolas web site

webappo.web.sh.se November 2011

The university offers education in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Life Sciences and Education. It offers 400 courses and more than 70 programmes, with 13000 students. Their website was redesigned in October 2011.

Rating breakdown

Södertorn Högskola’s website scored highly for usability, but scored very poorly for search engine and social media optimisation.

Spider chart showing the breakdown of the rating

Spider graph showing the breakdown of Södertorn Högskola's rating

Rated using Beantin Index V1.0.

Södertorns högskola, reviewed by James on 2011-10-31T14:31:38+00:00 rating 5.3 out of 10
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