Website of radio and TV licence fee collection body Radiotjänst.

Screenshot of Radiotjänst's web site

radiotjanst.se December 2011

The Radiotjänst website provides information about the radio and TV fee in Sweden as well as payment related services. The radio and TV fee is required to be paid by law, and Radiotjänst is entrusted by the Swedish parliament with the task of collecting fees nationwide and verifying payment of them. The website was redesigned in November 2011.

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The Radiotjänst website scored extremely highly for usability, and was weakest within SEO and accessibility. Overall page speed also let the site down. It would be reasonably straight forward for this site to increase its rating significantly.

Spider chart showing the breakdown of the rating

Spider graph showing the breakdown of Radiotjänst's rating

Rated using Beantin Index V1.0.

Radiotjänst, reviewed by James on 2011-12-16T16:57:06+00:00 rating 6.5 out of 10
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